About Us

Queens Ponies was formed through Selina's passion and drive for starting, training and producing the young horse, retraining the problem horse, and improving wellbeing during rehab after trauma. Working with the body and mind, Selina makes the horses' day to day lessons easy to digest, using their own inbuilt body language to establish clear boundries, which allows a calmer and safer approach to training.

Selina and the Queens Ponies team strive to find every horse - an individual in their own right - a career they will enjoy and were born for. Patience, combined with a constant approach, enables us to bring out the best qualities in all of your horses, thus improving your relationship, and making your time together more enjoyable.

Selina is very passionate about helping the young, nervous, or inexperienced horse, and Selina and the Queens Ponies team provide a sympathetic and sensitive approach to gain a horse's co-operation and trust, working at the horse's own pace. Selina also takes this training method through to the older horse too, allowing her to smooth out and answer any questions the horse may have, instructions they may be having difficulty understanding, or understand if unwanted behaviour is being displayed due to a physical root cause.

Most horses that come to Queens Ponies require groundwork exercises before moving on to their ridden work. A variety of horses are taken on - from groundwork problems to youngsters for starting, ridden issues to rehabilitation.

More about Selina

I have spent years working alongside many equine professionals from different spheres of the industry, striving to find a team of practitioners and specialists I can feel confident in taking advice from, and with whom I can work closely. I have a small network of experts who I rely on to help my clients move forward from any concerns we may come across during the horse's training. Having trusted contacts gives my clients the added security that I can not only decipher what type of difficulties we are having, and the reasons behind them, but I also have the knowledge to recommend the right person who can help, which then enables us to carry on the horse's education.

With over 25 years experience in the equine industry, continuous study has allowed me to gain an Equine Nutrition Diploma, a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and Behaviour, and a certificate in Equine Massage Therapy. I'm also fully qualified to BHS stage 4. Over the last couple of years, a little of my study has taken a backseat to allow me time to bring on my own young horse who has been by my side since he was weaned: Now my perfect best friend! And now I've taken to studying The Equus University course to further improve my equine communication skills, as well as completing my Continuous Personal Development hours each and every year as required by the British Horse Society. I am just as passionate about my study as I am my clients, as the more knowledge I have - the better equipped I am to help.

Through my work, I've helped many horses to be understood, and changed how their owners view them. As a result a new understanding between horse and owner then shines through, and their relationship blossoms to a new level. It is my aim to help change the way people see their horses - to let their voices be heard, and communication understood. More and more people are listening, learning, and communicating back.

I'm here to support both horse AND owner in whatever communication issue may need assistance, regardless of your aims and ambitions. Help and training can be provided in many ways; being there for you as much, or as little as you require. All my clients feel confident in the knowledge that there is telephone contact available at any time in between training sessions.

Any horse considered - regardless of your aims and ambitions - working with horse AND OWNER as a priority.

Selina Serbin BHSAI BSc (Hons) - helping the Herts and Essex equine community.
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More about the rest of the Queens Ponies team coming soon!