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'Health Team' in discussions to save yearling

posted 22 Jul 2012, 16:31 by Selina Serbin   [ updated 29 Jul 2012, 14:25 ]
Owners of Young horses aquire them in many different ways - some may have put their mare in foal, some may have searched long and hard for a family tree progression that matches what they are searching for, then visit the stud to meet that years foals with a view to buy. Some may have come across a newly advertised 3 or 4 year old, and be ready for the project......some, like this little fellow here, may need a 'Full-on;last chance' at recovery.

Nicknamed Bubba, this 15 month old thoroughbred has the cheeky glint in his eye that every horse his age has - the odd little nip, the over rough groom when he recipricates your brushing of him.....the sponge-like brain taking in every yard duty as it happens, and the need to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. There is one major difference with this little guy; he is still yet to live the normal baby life!

Bubba has a deformity in both front legs, which in turn is devoloping a severe mobility issue with his hinds. In both of his knees he has growth plates being pinched one side and also proven is a collapsed tendon in his right fore. Of course with such disabilities, there are commonly other ailments which are secondry to these - which are still yet to be discussed with the vets.

Bubba has been entrusted to a team of proffessionals to be given the best possible chance of survival and have a normal life with some form of job to do in the future - whether that be a happy hacker for someone, or to maybe be companion for other re-habilitation patients.

Equine Vet Goncalo at the Royal Veterinary College, Potters Bar is overseeing Bubba's case, and during last consultation took extensive x-rays from various angles of the fore legs. Examining the images Goncalo decided that the best plan of action would be for the RVC vets, surgeons, and head of diagnostics to hold a meeting to discuss Bubba's case - and if there is anything that can be done to help him.

Also part of the team working with Bubba is Farrier Tim Rushton, who was present while Goncalo was taking x-rays. Disscussions and past experiences they'd both had was aired between them, and a foot trimming plan was put in place......As Bubba was already a little sedated for his images to be taken, his feet were trimmed straight away.

From this alone - a remarkable improvement was made: this present time, the RVC specialists are in talks to discuss a way forward with regard to treatment of Bubba's deformities. In the mean time this gorgeous little guy is being kept comfortable on anti-inflamartories and pain killers. He is also in reciept of an enormous amount of TLC, and is surrounded by a team of health care proffessionals who can provide him with the best treatments and therapies availible.

Selina @ Queens Ponies