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The day the osteopath came!

posted 18 Oct 2011, 13:17 by Selina Serbin   [ updated 18 Jun 2013, 15:43 ]
So..... the day of Christophe Becquereau's visit to our yard had finally arrived (a week after booking feels like forever when you're looking forward to the visit so much)!
After exchanges of pleasantries, Christophe was well and truly geared up for work and was eagerly awaiting meeting his first patient.
Along came Dillon, as I led him towards Christophe's group on the yard, I introduced Dills and explained that he was still quite nervous of people but was gradually learning to trust, so much so that our Farrier had now managed to hot shoe Dillon with a full set of shoes (this would never have been possible when Dillon first arrived with us).  I filled the team in with as much of Dillons history that I was aware of and my thoughts and suspicions regarding his movements.  I got the impression from Christophe that I just needed to leave them to get acquainted and within a few minutes Dillon had fallen in love with him.  The whole treatment was amazing.  Dillon allowed Christophe to move around him as though he had known him for years, usually Dillon suffers from severe "Stranger Danger"!
When he had finished, Christophe took the time to explain every aspect of his treatment of Dills and the possible reasons for his problems.
I plagued Christophe with questions after every one of his sentences but my questioning didn't put him off, he just continued to painstakingly answer me, explaining the mechanics of all Dillons movements.
And so........ a happy, relaxed "Lord Dillon" walked confidently back to his field with the instructions for "two days off of his training schedule" ringing in his ears!
One by one, we introduced Christophe to our horses, explaining as much as we know of their stories.  After their treatments they were rugged and put back into their fields to "chill out" for the afternoon in the bright, Autumn sunshine.
Another of Christophes patients was Echo who had been with us for just two weeks.  She came to us with a history of bucking, rearing, bronking, throwing riders etc.  From the very first time of my seeing her, I knew it was pain related.  Echo is the sweetest, kindest mare you could ever come across on the ground and I couldn't understand how this mare could be so very different with a rider on board, she just didn't have that sort of personality.  "Queens" had not sat on her yet but had carried out several tests to establish exactly where her pain was so when Christophe treated Echo, he found several places she was "out".
Thirty minutes later, I watched a pain free, straight moving mare with a relaxed tail, walk away from me.
The instructions ringing in Echo's ears were somewhat different to those of Dillons, "she could have a rider on board tomorrow"!  YAY!!!! the long awaited day of riding Echo had arrived.
So......... I now eagerly await Christophes next visit in a couple of months time with ME also on the treatment list.