Queens Ponies Recommend:                                  - The Royal Veterinary College - Equine Referral Hospital    - British Association of equine dental technicians 
                                                                             (gregg wood - hampshire)                        - The society of master saddlers 
                                                                             (Anthony Batchelor - essex and south east)   - Registered Farrier 
                                                                             (Dan Williamson - Herts)                            - Equine Pysiotherapist ACPAT registered
                                                                             (Sarah Dalton - Essex)             - Equine/Canine Osteopath
                                                                            (Christophe Becquereau - Northampton)                        -  Bach Flower practitioner
                                                                             (Christine Shinn - Herts)                      - Harmony & Lightness Classical Equitation Instructor
                                                                            (Marcia Wakeman - Buckinghamshire)         
                                                                                    - British Dressage trainer and List 1 dressage judge
                                                                            (Kim Ratcliffe)


Queens Ponies Helpful Links:                             - The UK's largest Equine Charity - The British Horse Society                   - The UK's Farrier register - to help you find a registered farrier in your area - An organisation dedicated to bringing the best horsemanship ideas together - Annabel Jenks Osteopath  - harlow