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Case Studies

Peter         - Reason for call out - Behaviour Insecurity & violence toward owner

Lilly            - Reason for call out - bolting

Lilly is a 13.3 hh, 8 year old mare, who had been bought for Susan's 10 year old daughter. Susans horse ownership stems back 20 years, and it was time for her daughter to own her first pony to learn on. The normal buying/selling process was gone through to find a lovely quiet, obedient, steady non-spooky pony and lilly came home. All was going perfectly between them untill, during one lesson lilly was in one arena, and a horse was being lunged in a neighboring one, and lilly bolted. Something had frieghtened her so much that she fell over - taking her rider with her! Not knowing what had caused this reaction, and what she was scared of, she was checked by christophe becquereau for pain, and treated. Susan was now left with a dialemma - lilly needed to be worked to see if this would happen again, but most certainly not by possibly putting a child in danger should she bolt again. Queens were contacted, and after an assessment session - a plan of action was made.

Some groundwork sessions, and ridden school work sessions later - and we have child owner and pony back working together again. The trust in their relationship is bulding, and Amy is now off of the lunge in her lessons............And working in CANTER again!

Harrisson - Reason for call out - Will not have bridle put on

Tyler           - Fittening and Backing livery

After a rollercoaster journey for a couple of years with my lovely but injury-prone youngster, Tyler, I made the decision to send him away for backing. Then came the incredibly hard task of finding someone who I could trust to look after him and start his ridden work. I had seen Queens Ponies’ website and then, through a friend of mine, Selina and Ann-Marie were highly recommended to me.

When meeting them for the first time, I was confident that Tyler would be well-cared for whilst continuing his education. After arriving at their yard, Selina and Ann-Marie very quickly established a bond with him, and he settled in brilliantly with his new aunties and new horse friends! They managed his sometimes boisterous behaviour calmly and effectively and I could see a positive difference in him day to day. I was very much encouraged and welcomed to come as often as I liked, however on the few days I didn’t go to visit, I was confident that Tyler was being well-cared for and would not miss me!

Unfortunately, when starting work in the school it became clear that Tyler was still not sound, and off we went on another rollercoaster ride – but this time I was lucky enough to have Selina and Ann-Marie with me and they have been incredibly supportive throughout! I was so very impressed with the progress that Tyler made in both his groundwork and handling, and in his ridden work when he was backed and ridden by Ann-Marie. Working closely with my vet, who was impressed by the improvements he saw, they helped Tyler to progress by building up his strength and balance… and, more importantly, they helped him to start this new and important phase in his life loving his work!

Tyler unfortunately became more lame which was immediately identified by Selina and Ann-Marie and we had to progress to further veterinary investigation. Selina and Ann-Marie were, and continue to be, amazingly supportive; this support even included going with me to the vet college hospital whilst Tyler was undergoing a neurological exam and x-rays. When I was unsure of what was happening and what needed to happen next for Tyler, Selina liaised with the osteopath and my vet, and spent hours on the phone to them. She also spent hours on the phone to me, explaining everything to me clearly so I understood what I hadn’t before, as well as letting me know the next steps she had planned for Tyler with the medical professionals, based on what I had told her I wanted for us both.

When Tyler returned home to me, it was with a clear message that they would continue to support us both as much as I wanted. I have to say, I’m not sure who missed seeing them every day more - Tyler or myself! We have continued to have long conversations about Tyler’s welfare and they are providing ongoing help. When Tyler managed to receive a new injury back at home, it was Selina and Ann-Marie, when visiting my yard to work with him whilst I was at work, who cleaned him up and called the vet. They even came back the following morning to check on him and help me to make a decision about further vet treatment!

In Selina and Ann-Marie, who are Queens Ponies, Tyler and I have not only found trusted, knowledgeable, very experienced and caring horsey people, but we have also gained two great friends!

Dillon         - Reason for call out - Bucking/Bolting/Nervous behaviour

Casper      - Backing Livery

A client randomly phoned one evening to ask if there were any stables available on the yard that I was at, because she had just bought (rescued) a 14.2hh coloured cob 4 year old, unbacked, haltered - but other than that un-touched. And so, unsure of what we may be facing - next day - Casper arrives for backing, fittening, and..... watching him walk off of the lorry - a good meal!! I guess this story just didn't really begin as your usual 'my youngster needs backing' introduction. Casper was far too depressed to be aware we were around - let alone be energised enough for education! we made life fun for him again, which allowed him time to trust people, realise that a bond can be built - and want more than anything to make you happy. He learnt very quicky - everything.....was learnt very quicky! not only was he very intelligent, but he loved nothing more than to please you. We're proud to say that Casper  turned out to be the most beautiful gelding, and just the kindest person i have ever had the previlage to meet - he progressed to sales livery where he found the most perfect human partner, where they have become happy hacking partners. They are perfectly suited.

Wooki        - Reason for call out - Behavioural Issues in school work

Karma       - Reason for call out - can not be clipped without sedation

Echo          - Training - Re-training backing process