Testimonial Page

Selina, who is she?  You may well ask.
I met Selina some years ago, a chance meeting, she moved onto my yard with her faithful friend and soul mate.
In all of my years in the horse world (and these amount to twenty plus) I don't think I have ever met or known of anyone who is so understanding of horses, that can communicate with them and that can help owners / riders to communicate with their own equine friends where they themselves may have failed or had difficulties.
She helps the horses, young and old, to overcome problems that may be old, deep rooted problems or to deal with any new problems that may arise throughout their lives.  Many "horsey" folk just accept that their horse may be being difficult at times but Selina sees these "off" times in a different light and will look at them from a different perspective.
Apart from problems..... Selina is a fantastic teacher, training the young through to those in their more "senior" years, helping them to be more "at one" with their equine partners.
Her care of the horse and attention to detail is second to none and I would have no qualms in leaving my horses in her care.
Whether your horse is a youngster, ready to be backed, a horse with behavioural problems or a teenager who needs training, I would definately recommend Selina as "the one" to help you. She is a fountain of knowledge.
Julie Page

After a rollercoaster journey for a couple of years with my lovely but injury-prone youngster, Tyler, I made the decision to send him away for backing, at Queens. Selina and Ann-Marie were, and continue to be, amazingly supportive; this support even included going with me to the vet college hospital whilst Tyler was undergoing a neurological exam and x-rays. When I was unsure of what was happening and what needed to happen next for Tyler, Selina liaised with the osteopath and my vet, and spent hours on the phone to them. She also spent hours on the phone to me, explaining everything to me clearly so I understood what I hadn’t before, as well as letting me know the next steps she had planned for Tyler with the medical professionals, based on what I had told her I wanted for us both.

When Tyler returned home to me, it was with a clear message that they would continue to support us both as much as I wanted. I have to say, I’m not sure who missed seeing them every day more - Tyler or myself!

In Selina and Ann-Marie, who are Queens Ponies, Tyler and I have not only found trusted, knowledgeable, very experienced and caring horsey people, but we have also gained two great friends!

Annabelle Whitlock

Thankyou so much for your help, knowledge, support and advice with Harrisson! Only a proffessional as calm, patient and as quiet as you would have gotten H to accept being handled, and amazingly, bridled and saddled! I am, and continue to be, so very grateful. Selina - thankyou for tirelessly being there on the end of the phone when i need you!

Bobby Braye

After being told by several proffessionals that I should sell my beloved Tiger as we were'nt, and were never going to be suited, I can honestly say that a few months on from making that heartbreaking decision to sell him, Selina came along and has turned both Tiger's and my life around! Tiger had pushed me to a point where I didn't even want to do his daily chores any more. I didn't want to handle him, groom him, and I certainly didn't get any pleasure at all out of riding him. Tiger said no to everything! he was mean, bit, kicked, reared, you name it he threw it at me. Even if it was just a 4 year olds temper tantrum, it happened far too often for my liking!
Selina has a different way of reading his behaviour, and calmly and slowly explained to me what was happening, and why. She taught me how to quietly, calmly handle the situations he put me in. Both Tiger and myself seem to be heading in the same direction now, side by side, without the 'no' word ever being mentioned! Daily i now look forward to riding my horse that I once gave up on.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Queens Ponies! Thankyou x

Cass Myler

I'm so very greatful that Selina's path crossed ours. Her knowlege, riding and handling ability, and eye for behaviour, teaches us something new every booking.

Even the most dispicable behaviour, creating the most dangerous situations, never phases her; just calmly gets corrected, and they move on. We have some very 'special' horses come here who have found their way to us due to appaulling human treatment. Selina comes to us and reads each one like a book, susses each life story and personality correctly every time! Her training plans for each individual match them to a T.

I have no doubts in recommending Queens Ponies for ANY training required. On our yard Selina has trained staff, given lectures to those studying; helped us save an extemely volitile young horse, trained him, and has now backed him; helped us with our yearlings; and has now joined our team in helping rehabilitate racehorses.

I've been in the equine industry for 40 plus years and have never met someone so versatile, and have knowlege in so many areas.

Thankyou Selina, from the bottom of my heart. (and H's) xxx

Noke Green Stud

Thanks so much for your help with Danny. Its really lovely to see him relax with someone. On the other side its also a massive relief for me to have some one that gets him and can tell me the best way forward with him.....Anyone that's feels they have an issue with their horse, no matter how big or small, this is the lady to call.

She has a true gift and is a wonderful kind woman!!! X

Leah Estelle Cameron

just want to say a big thank you selina you have made me and charlie very happy. bigger and better things to come wiv him and i. i love him even more and you have made my life with him so much more enjoyable with the work you have done thank you thank you thank you xxxxxx

i will keep you upto date with his progress big hugs xx

Jodi Parker