Training at Home

Training at home for the perfect equine partnership

Do you have training problems?
Has your equine friend been categorised as a 'problem' by your peers?

Could it be possible that the behaviour your horse exhibits is due to pain?

The first steps we take in working with 'behavioural issues' is to establish if the horse's training problems are caused by miscommunication between horse and owner, or if the problem has a physical root cause. We always make sure the horse understands they are being listened to, while we establish this.

If the problem proves itself to be physical we may recommend any of a range of equine therapies
or remedial treatments to ensure the horse is fit and comfortable - before then re-assessing the problem behaviour. We have a team of practitioners and specialists with whom we work very closely.

We also happily work very closely with your vet should the need arise, to help re-assess any previous unwanted behaviour.

If the problem appears to be to be a miscommunication between the horse and owner, we will work closely with you to agree a programme of training and personal coaching to establish a plan forward.

We have a holistic approach and believe you and your horse are unique. Each horse copes with what is being asked of them in very different ways - there is no single system that works for all behaviour problems. What works for one horse and owner may not work for another, so each training programme takes into account the individual's ability, confidence, history, and facilities available, before we tailor a specific schedule using the most appropriate and effective techniques.

All of our training is done through positive reinforcement. This method has been scientifically proven to be the most effective and ethical way of changing animal behaviour.
  • Hard to catch, lead, or handle
  • Resistance to schooling
  • Aggression to humans or other horses
  • Grooming and tacking up problems
  • Riding Problems; napping, spinning, bucking, rearing, bolting and mounting difficulties to name a few
  • Lack of confidence - will not hack out alone
  • Anxiety/panic attacks
  • Difficulty in loading onto horsebox/trailer
  • Difficulty for vets, farriers, dentists etc
Your sessions with Queens Ponies are sometimes as much about altering your own habits, as your horse's. We endeavour to do our very best to improve the relationship between you and your equine partner.

Queens Ponies respect the confidentiality of all concerned and follow a strict professional code of conduct at all times.

To find out more information on our short/long term training packages based at our yard, feel free to contact us.